Tech & UX
September 2014

An app that lets your party guests collaborate on a music playlist from their cellphones (no app required). A Labor Day Weekend project built with Node.js &

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May - August 2014
UX Intern @ Google, NYC

I spent summer 2014 on the Google Docs User Experience team, where I conducted prototyping, design work, and user research for several unannounced Google Docs projects.
January 2012 - December 2014
Looking Glass Research Group

I am an alumni of Washington University in St. Louis' Looking Glass HCI research group. My main research was on using video game elements in educational interfaces (gamification) to increase short- and long-term engagement with instructional lessons. I also helped with the design & implementation of a system to allow computer science teachers to quickly script automatic tests on their students' code.

Looking Glass Website
September 2013
Towards generalizing expert programmers' suggestions for novice programmers. Ichinco, M., A. Zemach, and C. Kelleher. Published in IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing, September 2013.

Co-authorship for a paper on a system that allows teachers to code rules that catch common beginner errors, rather than needing to point them out every time--which then allows beginners without access to teachers the same expert help.

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May 2013
Six (A Volumetric Game)

Six was an abstract arcade-style game I built in Spring 2013 for a Video Game Programming class. Our inspiration was to update the mechanics of 1981 arcade game Qix into 3D.

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2011 - 2012
I made some Flash games back in 2011 - 2012.

The Tourist
Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 23

30 Coins is Bliss.
A platformer with "a moral."

Digital version of a classic word game
November 2014
One Pacific, Midnight Central

My play "One Pacific, Midnight Central" a dark-comedy thriller, premiered in St. Louis in November, 2014. It was produced by university group Thyrsus.

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Febrary 2013
Open Source Poetry

My successfully-funded Kickstarter campaign to self-publish a book of poems made out of content from websites like Wikipedia, Craigslist, and Omegle.

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September 2012
This is Me, Wearing a Hat

In September 2012, my play This is Me, Wearing a Hat had a two-week workshop with guest dramaturg Michelle Volansky, followed by a staged reading for Washington University in St. Louis' A.E. Hotchner Playwriting Festival.

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2012 - 2014
April 2012
Songs for Boys

My second album of attempted mashups from artists I like. Each track is dedicated to a supporter or inspiration of my music.

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January 2011
Iconic / Ironic

My first attempt to make a mashup album out of the music I enjoy, six tracks "seamlessly blended" together.

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January 2010
'Cholic Clown (Illinois Jazz Composition Award)

When I was a senior in high school, I wrote a tune for my school's jazz band to play, and it ended up winning the "Illinois Music Educator Association Student Composition Award" for best jazz composition.

Live performance (2010) | Recording (2009)
2009 - 2010
Various Music

Some music I recorded from 2009 - 2010, including: